Welcome to the UCLU Amnesty International Blog Team 2014-2015!

Welcome to the UCLU Amnesty Blog Team 2014-2015! Have a read and get to know a little about each of us and our passion for human rights!
Hello, I’m a first year medic from Tokyo, Japan loving life in London! I was born and raised in Japan but I spent the last 3 years doing GMo pictureCSEs and A-levels in rural Scotland. So, if you hear a hint of a Scottish accent mixed in to my American English you’ll know why. And no, I haven’t tried a deep fried Mars bar.
I’m really excited to be part of such a dynamic society, and am looking forward to learning more about issues from around the world. I’m especially passionate about the situation surrounding the human rights and health. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the issues UCLU Amnesty are campaigning for this year are affected by or do affect the rights to health. But of course throughout the year it will be exciting to see what other members of the UCL student body are passionate about and I’ll do my best to blog about Amnesty International’s take on the issues that concern not only us as a society but also the wider UCL community.

Hi all, my name is Jess, I am 22 and from Cambridge. I have just graduated from the University of Nottingham and am currently reading for aJess pic 2n MA in History at UCL, which I am really enjoying but am finding an awful lot of work! Blog writing will be a welcome break! Human rights have been something I have always taken an interest in, however this summer I worked with a documentary company who create current affairs programmes. Whilst helping research future episodes I recognised the sheer number of human rights abuses that the public are unaware of. I believe that the British media system generally only publicises domestic issues and fails to highlight important matters from across the world. Whilst being part of the UCLU Amnesty International blog team I hope to spread the word about human rights abuses which perhaps most people are unaware of, in turn this will hopefully encourage a more aware UCL. I am particularly interested in women’s human rights. For example the illegality of abortion and even miscarriage within El Salvador and the terrible treatment of women who are menstruating in Nepal. Hopefully over the year you shall see pieces on these issues posted on the blog.

Hey guys, I’m Edith! I’m a first year Arts and Sciences undergraduate, and I’ve just spent the past year taking to the streets of London and working for Amnesty International as a fundraiser – so talking about human rights is becoming second nature for me! I’m really excited to be part of Amnesty at UCL and get involveEdith pictured in issues from campus to an international level. Amnesty’s strong support for activists and increasing activist bases both in the UK and worldwide is something I’m really passionate about – ordinary people have so much power to benefit the world and fight for universal human rights, and the public need to know that! At the moment I’m heavily interested in the fight for justice surrounding police brutality in the US and Mexico, tackling the increasingly dangerous homophobic legislation in countries such as Uganda and Russia, as well as the right to education and support for education activists – but I’m sure you’ll see more of my thoughts on these things in the months to come!

Hello! My name is Carmen Fleitas, I am 23 years old and I am originally from Paraguay. I am currently studying for a Master’s in Human Rights at UCL. The reasons why I wanted to join the UCLU Amnesty International Blog are in order to help spread the word of what is going on in the Global South, I am very passionate about women’s issues, especially in Latin America. Besides that I am also interested in Amnesty International Campaigns such as Stop Torture and My Body My Rights. I hope that by collaborating with this blog I will be able to raise awareness amongst others, and promote change.

My name is Caroline Dockes. I am 18 years old and before coming to UCL I lived in the suburbs of Paris. I wanted to become a blog writer for the UCLU Amnesty International Society because I believe that university is the prime time to stand up for what one feels passionate about. My interest in the defence of human rights sprung from my readings about the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Were they committed in any other part of the world the atrocities taking place in that region on a daily basis would never be overlooked. It is too easy for us, who live in a privileged environment, to turn away. This is why I wish to write about issues that are important to me. The UCLU Amnesty Society’s conflict-free campus initiative is in my opinion particularly interesting because its goal, getting UCL to adopt a conflict minerals clause, is attainable and will certainly raise other student’s awareness on the issue. I would like to help members of the society promote this cause, as well as discuss other human rights related issues, through this blog.


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