Welcome to the Amnesty Society Blog!

This term has been an incredibly busy one for the Amnesty Society! We’ve hosted a huge number of events, all of which would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of our members.

Here are some of the events we’ve had this year:

  • A film screening on the death penalty with Kim Manning Cooper as our guest speaker
  • A panel discussion on Sri Lanka
  • A corporate social responsibility debate hosted with the Debating society
  • A performance on the occupied Palestinian territories by Ice and Fire co-hosted by Friends of Palestine society
  • An action at the Career fair against BAE Systems
  • A hugely successful AmnesTea fundraiser
  • Weekly letter-writing sessions
  • A schools outreach program

…and we’re just getting warmed up.

The new term will bring a Student Action for Refugees Campaign, an Anti-Slavery Campaign, and a Conflict Free Campus Campaign in support of the Democratic Republic of the Congo – you can get involved with any of these projects by sending us an email (Contact Us).

We’d also like to introduce this new addition to the Amnesty’s extensive work on campus – our Amnesty Blog.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on events we’ve hosted this year, if you have a special interest in human rights or journalism, or if you’re simply looking for new ways to get involved with Amnesty – write for us!

All articles should be under 500 words, and can be written on any human rights related topic (we are currently focusing our attention on the death penalty, women’s rights in Afghanistan, the arms trade and forced evictions) – just email them to ucl-amnesty.society@ucl.ac.uk.

Let’s get blogging!



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